leading the way to Africa's digital revolution

 M&M Insight Powered Solutions is an innovative South African based technology company which offers affordable custom technology solutions for African businesses and organizations and affordable smart devices with unparalleled performance and power, equipped with the latest Android operating system and premium technology.

We see our products as a means for every African individual and enterprise to achieve their full potential on a global scale. However, we understand that providing products to address limitations is only the first step forward- and thus we further provide the means and support necessary to overcome these limitations.

our services


The availability of affordable smart devices & mobile phones without the compromise of quality and ability . 


Custom Based Solutions: 

  • Corporates
  • Banking
  • Mobile Healthcare 
  • Restaurants
  • Point Of Sale


  • Access to a thorough education in a medium which is current and up to comparable to that available to a first world citizen 
  • Government ( E-Schooling initiative)
  • Private Institutions
  • Tertiary Education 
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